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Laureates 2009


The Hans-Jürgen-Ewers-Prize 2009 was awarded at the 8th Conference on Applied Infrastructure Research at Berlin University of Technology on October 9, 2009. The Laureates of the Hans-Jürgen-Ewers-Prize 2009 were:

Mr. Tolga Ülkü


for his master thesis on „Efficiency of German Airports and Influencing Factors“.

In his thesis Tolga Ülkü deals with the benchmarking of German airports. It sheds a light on airport efficiency, by explaining it in detail, presenting the methodologies used and stating the influencing factors. The core of the work is an investigation of the relative financial efficiency of 9 German airports and one airport group between 1998 and 2007 using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). The results show the importance of low cost carrier traffic, capacity expansions, privatization and regulation on the efficiency of airports.

The combination of own theoretical considerations based on an extensive literature survey, and own empirical work is quite remarkable. Moreover, the findings of the thesis are relevant for the future policy on regulation of airports.

Dr. Annalisa Vinella


for her PhD thesis “Essays on Regulation and Mechanism Design”.

The general goal of the award-winning thesis is to address incentive issues in multi-agent environments. Regulatory problems regarding specific industrial contexts are tackled, namely partial regulation of liberalized utilities in the ferry industry as well as economic and environmental regulation of oligopolies in the electricity generation. Moreover, multi-agent contracting in the presence of countervailing incentives under limited liability is analyzed.

Ms. Vinellas thesis follows a very promising, innovative research line. Although based on modern microeconomic concepts and sometimes sophisticated in technical terms, the thesis is aimed at having impacts at real-world concerns. This can be seen at her concrete proposals for the implementation of regulation mechanisms. Beside the outstanding judgment of her PhD committee, one of the chapters of the thesis was also distinguished last year by the Italian association for public economics (the SIEP).

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