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Laureates 2008


The Hans-Jürgen-Ewers-Prize 2008 was awarded at the 7th Conference on Applied Infrastructure Research at Berlin University of Technology on October 10, 2008. The Laureates of the Hans-Jürgen-Ewers-Prize 2008 were in equal shares:

Dr. Fabien Roques


for his research work on „Optimizing Utilities’ Investments under Uncertainty“. In his awarded research work Dr. Roques focuses on developing and applying quantitative valuation approaches to capture the impacts of risk and uncertainty on investments in liberalised electricity markets.

The first paper concentrates on the impact of price cap regulation of the transmission and distribution networks on investment incentives under uncertainty, using a Real Option approach.

The second paper uses an approach based on mean-variance portfolio theory to assess the value of technological diversification for electricity generating firms in order to hedge technology-specific risks, e.g. input prices. It results suggest that liberalized electricity markets characterized by strong correlation between electricity and gas prices may not reward fuel mix diversification enough to make private investors' choices socially optimal.

These ideas are further developed in the third paper, which argues that non-fossil fuel technologies have an overlooked ‘option value’, given fuel and carbon price uncertainty.

In his forth paper Dr. Roques analyses how the technology-specific operating flexibility and contractual arrangements regarding input and output price risks affect the economics of different power generation technologies.

The quality of his research work has established a strong international reputation for Dr. Roques in the applied economic analysis of the liberalized electricity sector. His papers remarkably combine the development of new assessment methods/models with their empirical application. Moreover, his findings are highly relevant for the future policy on incentive regulation of energy markets.

Dr. Barry Ubbels


for his PhD thesis “Road Pricing: Effectiveness, Acceptance and Institutional Aspects”.

The award-winning thesis deals with the use of road pricing as a regulatory instrument to achieve a more efficient use of road transport infrastructure, by limiting traffic problems like congestion and environmental pollution; as well as its use as a financing instrument. The dissertation includes various aspects of these topics, notably economic efficiency, effectiveness, and social acceptability. These aspects are studied using different methodological approaches: empirical econometric analyses as well as analytical and simulation studies. Both the thematic comprehensiveness and the broad use of different methods for the impact evaluation of road pricing schemes are impressive. Moreover, the implications of Dr. Ubbels’ work are highly relevant for the design of future road transport policy.

Besides, the high scientific quality of Barry Ubbels’ dissertation was confirmed by the fact that different chapters have been published in various high-quality journals, including Transportation Research Record, Transportation Research A, Regional Science and Urban Economics, and a book published with Elsevier.

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