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Laureates 2003


The ceremonially award of the Hans-Jürgen-Ewers-Prize 2003 took place in the context of the 2nd Workshop on Applied Infrastructure Research at October, 11 2003. The Laureates of the Hans-Jürgen-Ewers-Prize 2003 were in equal shares:

Dr. Martina Bätzel


for her dissertation "Studienfinanzierung im Sozialstaat – eine Konzeption im Lichte der Gestaltungsprinzipien der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft". Dr. Bätzel worked on the financing of higher education, a topic close to the heart of Professor Ewers. In particular, she argues that market-based instruments should be used more often in the provision of this service, to the benefit both of the students, the teaching staff, and of society.

Dr. Lars Petzold


for his PhD Thesis "Infrastrukturreform in Transformationsländern - Privatisierung, Liberalisierung und Regulierung von Flughäfen in Polen und Russland". In his research, Dr. Petzold analyzes privatization, liberalization and reuglation of airports, with a regional focus on the transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Besides a theoretical analysis, the work is applied to transport policies in Poland and Russia, for which reform paths are developed.



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